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Lift off for eCOMS – Employment Competence Management

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The Rosebery Group activates the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) employment competence management eCOMS system.

The Electrotechnical Assessment Specification (EAS) is the document to which Certification Bodies assess electrical contractors. The 2020 update to the EAS introduced a requirement for Enterprises to ensure that Employed Persons are competent to undertake Electrotechnical work and to make records of this available to the Certification Body.

eCOMS allows users to quickly visualise the three Electronic Assessment Specifications 2020 (EAS) metrics for all current operatives and, using a simple traffic light colour scheme to identify supervision requirement levels for each operative employed.

eCOMSTM enables Members to:

  • Record observations and evidence of training.
  • Quickly and easily evidence Employed Persons competence.
  • Produce the information needed to ensure compliance with the EAS when audited by a Certification Body.
  • All in a simple to use platform, included as part of ECA Membership.

Rosebery Director Stuart Lockwood said ‘’eCOMS is a web-based tool developed by ECA which provides ECA Members including the Rosebery Group with an easy-to-use solution to maintain accurate operative training and observation records, we have been impressed with the flexibility of the platform and believe that it will help us maintain our competence records moving forwards.